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MH370 #mh370 - The Missing Plane - Credible Links to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the US Diego Garcia military and intelligence base in the middle of the Indian Ocean: I’ve pored over information, reports and rumors related to the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Then I thought about it, hard, and seriously. I recalled information connected to other events and incidents over the past 20 years, which seem relevant, and point to a feasible scenario. This possibility is one that, as far as I know, nobody else has postulated. Here is a brief summary:

• The cockpit was comandeered in a well-planned action by members of a global terror network, they turned the communications equipment off.

• They turned the plane around and set a course for a specific destination, flew over the Malay Peninsula near the Thai/Malay border, still in “silent” mode and unable to be identified, although the plane appears to have been detected during this time by radar, and civilians on the ground who have reported what they observed, in various locations, independently, all corroborating a fairly clear flight path. The plane may have flown at altitudes attempting to avoid radar detection, which may not have been feasible, and they were detected. The radar and other witness reports give a consistent picture of the flight path.

• The destination of the commandeered airplane was the Diego Garcia US Military Base in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on a small and carefully protected island. You can look at it on Google Earth.

• A “constellation” of reliable information, and a “cloud” of somewhat reliable information including leaked US intelligence data, for quite some time has indicated that this base is the location of numerous facilities, equipment, weapons, aircraft, and classified activities and programs that would be of great importance to Al Qaeda and its networks. Some of this information has only come to light in relatively recent leaks. 

• The possibility that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is currently detained there is feasible. He is almost certainly the mastermind of numerous terrorist activities, including 9/11, the Bali Bomb, Richard Reid’s attempted shoe bombing, and many more terrorist actions, attempted actions, and planned actions and assassinations. Just read quickly, the verified public information of his career as a terrorism mastermind on Wikepedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalid_Sheikh_Mohammed

• The flight path that appears to have been taken by MH370 points directly to the Diego Garcia base. The flight distance to Diego Garcia is comparable to MH370’s originally scheduled flight distance from KL to Beijing. 

• It is well-known that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has undergone cruel and unusual interrogation techniques for many years, including multiple waterboarding sessions. The International Red Cross and Human Rights Watch have been actively struggling to address this, to gain access to Mohammed, and to ascertain that his basic human rights are being upheld, and that his physical condition and health are verified and that he receives any medical assistance he might require, and that he be treated in a humane manner according to international laws and treaties, no matter what crimes he is accused of. Given this, the anger, irritation, and motivation of members of the terrorist organisation(s) with which he has been involved, would most certainly be heightened.

• I think the plane was hijacked and headed for Diego Garcia. The objective could have been to liberate Khalid Sheikh Momammed, or to destroy/damage the base 9/11 style, or to expose purported unethical secret intelligence and military and weapons activities taking place there, or any combination of the above. 

• The manner in which the flight was “disappeared” fits previous activities, and known areas of expertise in the network of aggrieved supporters of Al Qaeda, Mohammed, and the global terrorism network (high level) in general.

• It is possible also, that the situation on the airplane became combative, as it did on the 9/11 flight that crashed in Pennsylvania after brave passengers resisted the terrorist hijackers, preventing the plane from crashing into its intended target, killing all on board, PLUS innumerable victims and strategic/symbolic targets on the ground. The pilot/co-pilot may also have intentionally nose-dived the plane into an uninhabited area (Malaka Strait?) to prevent the terrorists’ mission succeeding, with far greater loss and damage.

• The plan could have been to use the passengers as hostages on landing at Diego Garcia (and to gain “permission” to land there), in order to liberate Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, gain fuel and supplies, and then fly the plane to another location (Afghanistan? Elsewhere? There are many possibilities.). If this were the plan, they would need to retain the passengers as hostages, or they would not be able to take off and depart from Diego Garcia without being intercepted/annihilated by the very significant military equipment, planes, weapons and personnel at Diego Garcia. They would have been taken out.

• As a target Diego Garcia would also have given them several “Plan B’s” if the objective of liberating Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was not possible to accomplish. To simply destroy/damage the base would be a symbolic, strategic, and significant act of terrorism in itsel), particularly if important strategic weapons are (as some think), positioned there. Other “Plan B’s” would also have been possible, and accomplished aims that are broadly important to the terrorist network(s) for whom they were acting. Use your imagination. 

• Diego Garcia is purported to be one of the CIA’s “dark” areas, “blacked out”. A fine target indeed. And it’s role and location give tremendous strategic advantages to the US military in relation to various locations, including the Middle East, East Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Pakistan. One can hardly think of a more attractive target. And all the more so, if these people’s tortured, abused, admired, and valuable leader and mastermind is incarcerated secretly there. 

• Think about this … as you read the news and watch the press briefings and public statements. Especially yesterday and today, the manner and contents of statements by Malaysian and other agencies involved have been ambiguous around certain aspects of the MH370 mystery. And remember how sensitive a matter it would be if it were actually known, or suspected, that Diego Garcia was the target. Even more so, if the plain actually did succeed in landing there, which I suppose we can’t rule out at this point. Or if it was shot down approaching Diego Garcia. 

• Look for wreckage (and observations from ships) along the route from the north edge of Malaysia on the Malay Peninsula and the island of Diego Garcia.

Susi Johnson



My recommendation to the NTSB

read: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/malaysia/10691089/Malaysia-Airlines-mystery-US-issued-warnings-over-Boeing-777-weak-spot.html

Has anyone considered if the below FAA Airworthiness Directive could be a clue the MH370 investigation?

certain The Boeing Company Model 777 airplanes. This proposed AD was 
prompted by a report of cracking in the fuselage skin underneath the 
satellite communication (SATCOM) antenna adapter. This proposed AD 
would require repetitive inspections of the visible fuselage skin and 
doubler if installed, for cracking, corrosion, and any indication of 
contact of a certain fastener to a bonding jumper, and repair if 
necessary. We are proposing this AD to detect and correct cracking and 
corrosion in the fuselage skin, which could lead to rapid decompression  

and loss of structural integrity of the airplane. 










the single biggest freedom we’ve slowly been winning back from empire is the freedom to love deeply and truly whomever we feel compelled to (and there’s still quite a ways to go for many folks);so, forget, for a minute, your ‘freedom’ of consumer choice or to elect the next corporatized political puppet, and act love as freely as you can; it might not seem much next to ubiquitous social violence, but — unlike such forces — love is limitless


the single biggest freedom we’ve slowly been winning back from empire is the freedom to love deeply and truly whomever we feel compelled to (and there’s still quite a ways to go for many folks);

so, forget, for a minute, your ‘freedom’ of consumer choice or to elect the next corporatized political puppet, and act love as freely as you can; it might not seem much next to ubiquitous social violence, but — unlike such forces — love is limitless